Photos not taken

Stuff I never got to photograph....

Pretty drunk girl standing up front by the driver, doing up her makeup on a moving bus on a bumpy road at night.

A group of five males, drunks dressed from the same template, on the same street corner, all with phones to their ears, all separately but together doing the same, eyes down, mobile waltz

Booze merchants planned a roller disco.  OSHA canned the drunks on roller skates plan for some inexplicable reason.

Single man cruising Piccadilly for chicks, unsuccessfully calling out from the window of his tiny beat up Honda hatchback, with baby seats in the back.

As a laugh Kelly starting off singing "Show me the way home, I'm tired and I want to go bed.." while doing the CCC door.  Me joining in.  Audience winding up with that "haha only serious" feeling on a rainy low intensity Friday midnight.

drum circle in liverpool statioon protesting ban on repetitive electronic beats

Jasmine the pianist's "Damn, I'm tempted" smile when we innocently requested Billy Joels, Pianoman.

Doing the "no money in pockets" routine in front of a window pro doing the "all *this* for sale" wiggle.  Watching a suited, Dutch passer-by crossing between our two dances, distractedly walk into a groin high, anti vehicle bollard.  And unable to lose his dignity by acknowledging it, shuffling off exited stage right

Listening to a classical concert in a square under a summers night in Verona

Julian Lennon aborting his spot half way through at Party in the Park with "our backing tapes bust and our instruments arent plugged in" and the UK sheeple giving him an ovation,
Sorry, but an Aerobics to Karaoke routine. doesnt count as Live music.

The hotel where we decompressed from a month touring Scandinavia .  Six storey view of a canyon of soviet concrete on a softly lit bright grey rainy Sunday afternoon playing "the cherry game"

Thomas the Bosnian's war stories

My expression hearing the Prodigy's "Smack my bitch up" for the first time, at >100DB in the back of a black BMW @>100mph, on a  greasy spoon quest, the morning after

Canadian teachers from the crack kid zone telling of the numerous diamonds in the darkness, while a teacher from a UK posh kids school sullenly drank herself into the "numb the pain" zone.

 Telling a NHS nurse about the cockroaches in a friends wards ensuite and getting  "oh, you should see the ones in the kitchen" as a reply

Decrepit cardboard box of unclaimed medals, aging forgotten and jumbled in a cupboard at their regiment's HQ.

Fish hooks and fishing line girl